ECCO@Scripps: Our group contributes to the development and production of regional ocean state estimation using the methodology developed by the ECCO consortium ( ). The ECCO code is based on the MIT general circulation model (MITgcm) and employs automatic/algorithmic differentiation (AD) tools for generating tangent linear and adjoint code for ocean circulation and climate studies. The goal is to produce a model-observations synthesis, with consistent dynamics and closed budgets for all tracers, to be used for scientific analysis. We are currently working on:

Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE)

A coupled physical-biogeochemical state estimate is produced as part of the SOCCOM project.

California State Estimate (CASE)

Short- and long-term reanalyses synthesize observations of the California Current System.

Tropical Pacific Ocean State Estimate (TPOSE)

Observations from the TPOS constrain 4-month state estimates.

Gulf of Mexico State Estimate (GoM)

Estimation and prediction of the loop current.

Northwest Pacific State Estimate (NWPac)

State estimation and tomography