ECCO@Scripps: Our group contributes to the development and production of regional ocean state estimation using the methodology developed by the ECCO consortium ( ). The ECCO code is based on the MIT general circulation model (MITgcm) and employs automatic/algorithmic differentiation (AD) tools for generating tangent linear and adjoint code for ocean circulation and climate studies. The goal is to produce a model-observations synthesis, with consistent dynamics and closed budgets for all tracers, to be used for scientific analysis. We are currently working on:

Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE)

The latest product, b-SOSE, is a physical-biogeochemical state estimate produced as part of the SOCCOM project.

California Current System State Estimate (CASE)

Short- and long-term reanalyses synthesize observations of the California Current System.

Tropical Pacific Ocean State Estimate (TPOSE)

Observations from the TPOS constrain 4-month state estimates.

Gulf of Mexico State Estimate (GoM)

Estimation and prediction of the loop current and loop current eddy separation.

Northwest Pacific State Estimate (NWPac)

State estimation and prediction in the regions of Palau and Northern Philippine Sea.

To learn more about state estimation, you may refer to this great FAQ.

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