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NWPac-STSE Tomo Solutions 2010/04/01 - 2011/04/30:

NWPac-STSE Tomo analysis and forecast are being developed from Apr 2010 to Apr 2011. Here we present NWPac STSE Tomo (Two-month assimilation window) solutions merged for the period of Apr 2010 to Apr 2011, for the North Pacific Acoustic Laboratory (NPAL) Philippine Sea experiment domain [123-131E, 17-24N].

You are encouraged to use our results, but please be aware some data are preliminary and may not be suited to your needs. Please do not use images from this website without permission.

Contact: Bruce Cornuelle , Ganesh Gopalakrishnan

NWPac STSE Tomo (Apr 2010 to Apr 2011)
(Daily averaged model solutions are provided for the region 123-131 E, 17-24 N, full depth levels)
Sea surface height
3D-Potential temperature
3D-Zonal velocity
3D-Meridional velocity
Matlab daily time-stamp
Model grid
Binary file specification
Sample matlab script to extract solutions